Stephanie as Arthur for Purim

Stephanie Benoit

Hi! I’m Stephanie Benoit

I’m an SEO copywriter, Social media Strategist, and a digital marketing/ communications aficionado. The benefit of my background in education is that I can write about anything and make it engaging. I am Haitian-American, a HUGE data nerd, a polyglot, and an INFJ ( although, lately I have been getting ENFJ).

I REALLY like punny jokes. I live for a dad joke! I was born and raised in the greater Atlanta area. I love all kinds of music, and you can catch me singing songs to myself as I work. I like to up-cycle old things into neat DIY projects. I love to create, whether it is a new recipe, a piece of art or new silly songs, it is the place I am the most content. I believe life is better with a little decoration. I love nature. I will literally hug a tree.

I’m exploring what I want my diet to be. There is a lot of good food here in Atlanta.

My super-power is remembering the lyrics and choreography to obscure 90s and early 00s pop songs. 

My vision for my life is to love others, to be humble, gracious, intentional, and present in each interaction with people in my community. I strive to accept the role I have in the life of others without expectations and to lift others up by choosing kindness in each moment.

In short, to be a dope human. 

Send me an email! Let’s talk about how my skills and talents can benefit your business.