National Tire Safety Week 2022

The US Tire Manufacturer’s Association (USTMA) started National Tire Safety week has an annual initiative that aims to educate motorists about simple yet essential steps for proper tire care, safety, and maintenance as an essential part of road safety. In 2022, I owned building the social media toolkit for the campaign.

Content Brief: To create a toolkit with copy, visual assets, hashtags, direction for the client’s audience, and to amplify NTSW safety initiative.

The Goals: increase brand awareness, increase website views, increase positive brand mentions

Tools: Google Docs

Responsibilities: researching, drafting the social copy, creating hashtag strategy, compiling assets

The Process: I started this project by exploring last years campaign. I wanted to know what worked and what did not. I learned that the people and organizations that engaged with the hashtag were mostly in the tire and automotive industries. It helped me understand who we were targeting with the toolkit. I also noted that all the posts that used the hashtags were written for consumers. This helped structure the voice for the sample social posts. I did not create the graphics for this campaign, but I tried to pair the graphics with the copy that matched.

After compiling the sample posts, the hashtags, the CTAs and the associated graphics – the toolkit was published on the USTMA website.

The Results: The National Tire Safety Week campaign did very well. There was exponential growth in mentions, engagements, and clicks. Website traffic to the tire essentials landing page increase over 500% MoM and over 1000% YoY. The follower count also increased on all active channels. There were several hundred tweets using the campaign hashtags, as well as LinkedIn and Facebook posts.