Flying High with Censys Technologies

Project Brief: The client wants to build brand awareness through an email campaign. The campaign features four emails establishing rapport with their target audience and offers a whitepaper.

The Goal: Write engaging and educational content, increase traffic to the client’s website and drive traffic to the whitepaper.

Responsibilities: Topic research, review go-to-market plan, writing, editing, reviewing, compiling graphics, prepping email list, setting up A/B Testing, reporting

Tools: Monday, Google Docs, Mailchimp, Grammarly, Screen reader, Subject-Line Grader

The Process: I prepared to write by reviewing the content brief. My next step was keyword research. I used SEMRush. I compiled a list of secondary keywords and questions. I did not need extensive content research, because the content brief was through.

Using Mailchimp, I set up A/B testing for this 4 part email series. Each week one part went out. We focused each subsequent part on people who were engaging with the email. The emails had an average 96% delivery rate, an average 88% open rate, and a average 4% click through rate per opened email.

A/B Test winners

The Results: This campaign averaged a 98% delivery rate. Our email list contained 1100 potential customer. The campaign averaged a 34% open rate, and a 6% CTR.