The Digital Marketing Trifecta: Email, Blog, and Social Media

Content Brief: Lustful Olive is a luxury olive oil e-commerce company that imports 100% authentic olive oil directly from the Mediterranean. The client is looking for a few assets that they can post on their e-commerce site to help generate traffic. They need the following items.

  • Blog Post
    • 600-1500 words
    • Steer clear of these topics
      • Who Lustful Olive is
      • The health benefits of olive oil
      • How flavored oils are made
  • Email
    • They would like to market the blog post via email.
    • Provide guidance for the design team
      • include hex codes and other necessities
  • Social Media Posts
    • Create Social Media Posts to promote Blog Posts
    • Provide guidance for the design team for graphics

The brand guidelines: The client sees their voice and tone as extremely passionate with a zest for life. They like to play up the romantic angle of olive oil. They don’t mind a little light wordplay with their name, but they don’t want to be overly sexual about it. 

  • Headlines: Josefin sans (bold)
  • Subheadings: Old Standard TT (italic)
  • Body: Josefin sans (regular)
  • FFBA30 (brand)
  • 000000 (font)
  • ffffff (font and background)

Goals: Write engaging content, drive traffic to the website, increase conversions, increased brand awareness

Responsibilities: Keyword research, topic research, writing, editing, reviewing, email design, social media graphics, mockups

Tools: SEMRush, Google Docs, HemingwayApp, Grammarly, Screen reader, Figma, Photoshop, Unsplash, Answer the People, Soolve, Keyword Tool, Hashtagify

The Process: This assignment was intense. I admit that I was overwhelmed when I started, but then my habits kicked in, and I started with research. I used the assets they gave me and pulled the main takeaways. The client is a luxury olive oil company, and they believe in romance. They feel that olive oil can add to a romantic atmosphere.


From there, I explored what the target audience wanted to know about Olive Oil. What are they looking for, and how are they asking search engines about it. I did a quick keyword search for flavored olive oil and gourmet food. I used SEMRush, Soolve, and Answer the People to ensure I had a good idea of what questions people needed to be answered. 

The keyword research included hashtags as well. I chose a few brand-specific hashtags as well as a few that are popular with the target audience. I used and to create a list of 20 solid hashtags. I then split the list up into ten primary hashtags and ten secondary hashtags.


My next step was brainstorming and topic research. I needed an angle that aligned the brand’s goals with the audience’s goals. I decided that I would lean into the romance angle and create date night recipes. I thought five recipes would allow me to stay within the word count and give the audience enough value. I began reading up on flavor profiles that would work well together. 

Outline/ Writing

I then wrote my outline for the blog. I added subheadings to create a clear hierarchy and to increase the readability. I wrote several titles to give a few options that were click-worthy and search engine optimized. I completed my email subject lines and pre-headers that included power words to get the audience to open the email. I provided a few options to enable A/B testing later on. 

After I completed the blog, I began working on the email. I already had a few subject lines and a pre-header lined up. I needed to write compelling body copy to help get clicks. I broke the email up into sections and focused each on one item. The hero section highlighted the blog, and the rest of the email highlighted the products.


I then opened Figma and mocked up the email using the brand guidelines that the brief provided. I used Unsplash for a few stock photos to accompany the copy and illustrate the main ideas.

I used Unsplash and photoshop to create graphics for my social media mock-ups. The posts needed to highlight the blog and create opportunities for engagement. 


Email Subject Lines:

  • Unbelievable Recipes To Make For Dinner Tonight
  • Perfect Olive Oil Recipes to Try Tonight
  • Unique Recipes for Your Next Date Night


  • Delicious recipes and delightful deals
  • Delicious recipes for intimate nights

Social Media