E-Blast for RoboCops

Content Brief: Knightscope wants to begin an email campaign to build brand awareness, and drive leads. Email They would like to gain MQLs through an introductory email blast Goals: Write engaging emails, drive traffic to the website, convert through forms, increased brand awareness Responsibilities: topic research, writing, editing, reviewing, email design, testing, email launching Tools: … Continue reading E-Blast for RoboCops

Potty Training Tips for Parents

Content Brief: 800-1000 words using keywords "Potty training" "Signs to start potty training" The search intent is to learn ways to potty train a child The Goal: Write engaging and educational content, increase traffic to social media, increase conversions Responsibilities: Keyword research, topic research, writing, editing, reviewing, compiling and edit graphics

SEO Content for Small Business

This is my process for writing Search engine optimized copy for a small design firm The target keywords for this project are "Small business SEO". The word count was 600-800 words. I used SEMRush to conduct keyword research. The goal was to drive traffic to the site and convert our target audience to strong leads