Flying High with Censys Technologies

Project Brief: The client wants to build brand awareness through an email campaign. The campaign features four emails establishing rapport with their target audience and offers a whitepaper. The Goal: Write engaging and educational content, increase traffic to the client's website and drive traffic to the whitepaper. Responsibilities: Topic research, review go-to-market plan, writing, editing, … Continue reading Flying High with Censys Technologies

E-Blast for RoboCops

Content Brief: Knightscope wants to begin an email campaign to build brand awareness, and drive leads. Email They would like to gain MQLs through an introductory email blast Goals: Write engaging emails, drive traffic to the website, convert through forms, increased brand awareness Responsibilities: topic research, writing, editing, reviewing, email design, testing, email launching Tools: … Continue reading E-Blast for RoboCops

Synergy Road September Sermon Series

Project Brief: To create visual branding for September sermon series, to post and track organic reach, engagement, and conversions.

The Goals: Unmeasurable goals: we wanted to uplift people by having studies and sermons dedicated to the book of James (a book about faith), and how we can tap into the power of faith to pull through difficult times. Measurable goals:to increase membership, increase active volunteers, increase mailing list.

BiWeekly Email Update: October 2019

Summary: Every two weeks I would send out an email to church members and visitors with updates. The email would always include flyers, a recap of recent sermons, links to the Youtube channel and the spiritual gifts survey. This particular week, I was featured in the email twice 😊. The Goal: Keep church members engaged online and in person. Increase website views, increase volunteer pool

Potty Training Tips for Parents

Content Brief: 800-1000 words using keywords "Potty training" "Signs to start potty training" The search intent is to learn ways to potty train a child The Goal: Write engaging and educational content, increase traffic to social media, increase conversions Responsibilities: Keyword research, topic research, writing, editing, reviewing, compiling and edit graphics

TIIBA: Created an SEO & User Centered Design

Project Brief: To create a Search engine optimized and user centered design to attract and convert more clients for a small mental health care organization The Goals: The goals of this website redesign were to decrease the bounce rate, increase time spent on the site, increase new leads, increase total conversions from lead to client and to Increase search ranking.