E-Blast for RoboCops

Content Brief: Knightscope wants to begin an email campaign to build brand awareness, and drive leads.

  • Email
    • They would like to gain MQLs through an introductory email blast

Goals: Write engaging emails, drive traffic to the website, convert through forms, increased brand awareness

Responsibilities: topic research, writing, editing, reviewing, email design, testing, email launching

Tools: Google Docs, Grammarly, Screen reader, Campaigner, ZeroBounce, Zoominfo

The Process: This assignment was a one-off email blast from the client to a list of vetted prospects. My goals were to get a low bounce rate by ensuring that I had good emails via zero bounce. Next, I studied the client’s go-to-market plan, their voice, and the target audience. I wrote a draft for the email that included the value props for the product and a clear call to action.

Outline/ Writing

I then wrote my outline for the email. I added subheadings to create a clear hierarchy and to increase the readability. I wrote several subject lines to give a few options that were click-worthy. I completed the pre-headers that included power words to get the audience to open the email. I tested my subject lines with a subject line tester.

Building the Campaign

I used Campaigner to create the campaign. I added my cleaned list and named it based on the active campaign. I then moved the email copy into that editor and added my header, photos, buttons, and footer.

Test and Deliver

I ran a few tests to make sure my CTA buttons worked, that everything was aligned properly and that my photos were properly sized. After a few test sends I scheduled the email.


The campaign resulted in a 98% delivery rate, 21% open rate, and 4.26% click-through rate.

The Future of Public Safety Is Knightscope