SEO Copywriting for Digital Marketing Agency

Content Brief: Target Keywords – “Website Design Company” “Web design agency near me” The word count was 800-1000 words

Goals: Write engaging content, improve keyword ranking, drive traffic to the website, increase conversions

Responsibilities: Keyword research, topic research, writing, editing, reviewing

Tools: SEMRush, Google Docs, HemingwayApp, Grammarly, Screen reader

The Process: I prepared to write by reviewing the content brief. My next step was keyword research. I used SEMRush, compiled a list of secondary keywords and questions, and researched the topic. I also did a bit of competitor research. Once I had clarity on my subject and a list of closely related secondary keywords and questions, I moved on to the pre-writing phase.

I typically brainstorm and organize ahead of writing. I created an outline in Google Docs using the ABC method. I used the keywords to create a title and grab the audience’s attention. I worked on the body of the copy. The body needed to bring a clear benefit to my audience. I used questions are section headings to maximize SEO impact. I closed with a call to action. I wanted to direct my readers to contact ADVAN. I also wrote in the brand voice and the right tone for my audience. 

Finally, I edited my work. I took some time away from the copy. I think taking time away is essential and coming back with fresh eyes. I started editing by using a screen reader. I listen as I read through to catch any typos. I also want to see oddly phrased sentences and other syntax errors. I follow up using Grammarly and Hemingwayapp to ensure my copy is concise and error-free. I did one last read-through and submitted it to my editor for notes. 

After I got revision notes, I made changes and submitted my meta description to include more keywords. I used pixels to gather a few photos that I thought would work well with my text. I then used photoshop to personalize the stock photos I chose.