BiWeekly Email Update: October 2019

Summary: Every two weeks I would send out an email to church members and visitors with updates. The email would always include flyers, a recap of recent sermons, links to the Youtube channel and the spiritual gifts survey. This particular week, I was featured in the email twice 😊.

The Goal: Keep church members engaged online and in person. Increase website views, increase volunteer pool

Responsibilities: Writing compelling copy, compiling graphics, designing email layout, compiling links, reviewing for mobile optimization, monitoring campaign results

Tools: MailChimp, Photoshop, WordPress

The Process: I begin by checking my email list. I want to make sure that all the addresses are up-to-date. I then manually added any emails we received through our get synergized cards. After checking my email list, I would begin to compile all the resources I would need to create the email campaign. Having everything in one place makes for a smoother workflow. 

I would write the copy for the email first and then I would drag and drop all the completed graphics into the template. 

Finally, I sent out the email to our mailing list and tracked its performance.

The Outcome:This particular newsletter set the record for conversions. 60% of the audience opened the email and of the 60% we had 45% click on the CTAs.